Then and now

Ok, bit silly as I was only 11 in 1994...
On a serious side, though. I grew up loving drawing and taking real pride in what I produced. I lost this sense of value as I went along and listened to the ideas that money, titles, careers were the be all and end all. The more I listened, the more they became true.
It's so easy to say to follow what you love, you've to earn a crust. It's also pretty easy to preach once you have slogged at stuff you knew you didn't really love for a long time, have built  a few savings and then are dipping your toe. However, If you can make it work doing what you love, then do it and see where it takes you.
I am starting a new path and I hope it will work, all I know is I'm going to give it my best and will give it the time it needs. Everything else is just what will happen.

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