About Me and My Work

Hi, thanks for having a look at my website. Have a look around and please let me know what you think.

A bit about me...

I am lucky enough to have grown up on, and now have a studio, at my family's farm in the beautiful Meon Valley, Hampshire.

I had an amazing introduction to nature and the natural world on the working farm; tearing around woods, helping dad with the lambing, corn cart every summer and generally investigating every animal under the sun.

I have always kept this love for nature and wide open spaces but still somehow managed to find myself in London working. After 12 loooooong years I knew I wanted/needed to be back in the countryside drawing and trying to make a go of it as a living.

I finally took the leap in the crazy year for all of us, 2020. Packing up with my wife and two boisterous boys we headed back home. Starting up in a pandemic wasn't the easiest but it gave a lot of us perspective about what we want in life; hopefully I am starting to tick this box...

My work

I am a self-taught artist and I have a focus on nature and the natural world. It is a subject matter that offers boundless inspiration.

My work is grounded in the use of carbon and graphite. I love the contrast and character that the dark and light offers each subject and really getting into the fine detail.

My aim isn't hyperealism, but to give a detailed character of the animal from which the viewer's mind makes up the rest.

I think that art is much like reading a book versus watching a movie - the imagination gives character to a book that a movie can't, and (not to sound too arty) I think this is the same for a drawing.

Anyway, thank you again for checking out my website and please drop me a line about anything.

Best wishes,





  • LightSpaceTime 12th "Animals" Art Virtual Exhibition - "Big Horn" (Special Merit award)


  • Titchfield Art Show - Judge's Choice, 2nd Place - "Horsemen No.1"
  • LightSpaceTime 11th "Nature" Art Virtual Exhibition - "Horsemen No.1" (Special Merit)
  • LightSpaceTime 11th "Animals" Art Virtual Exhibition - "Silverback" (Excellence in Art)
  • PACS Art Exhibition


  • LightSpaceTime 10th "Nature" Art Virtual Exhibition - "Standing Stag"  (Special Merit)

LST Award Certificate

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